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History of Black Sheep Farm

History of Black Sheep Farm photo

From bare land to Paradise

From bare land to Paradise image

The guest house grew organically at first. With no power in the early years, all was made and built by hand. The boards were cut with handsaws, the holes drilled with a hand drill etc.

After living in it for 12 years, we upgraded the house within and without. That’s why it has that comfortable lived in look and feel, yet retains a modern airy and natural style.

During the last 39 years, we have transformed the place into a paradise. Approx. 55 years ago it was a banana plantation and then it became dairy land, so that when we moved here in the early 80’s, there was only grass and no trees or bushes.

Extensively planting native and other species over the years has transformed Black Sheep Farm into what it is today. As you drive into the gate into the property, on the left is a section of rainforest trees. Years back the local high school helped to plant a Eucalyptus corridor on our land to encourage the Koalas to come back. That is also on the left behind the rainforest section, going up the hill.

There are many varieties of fruit trees planted throughout our property.

Our closest neighbour is half a kilometre away and the house can’t be seen, so we have complete privacy.

Our pottery was established in 1983 with firing stoneware and going on to produce a wide range of brightly colored designs. The pottery is now closed, as we are sellig our property.

Since 1999 we have been working on our new "Learning Center" built in the "Fachwerk" style of Germany with no nails in the frame. It is now finished and we are running workshops like Felt Making and Mosaic Making Workwhops. Workshops have also been suspended until we have sold our piece of pardise.