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Learning Center "Black Sheep Farm"

Learning Center

Learning Center image inside the Learning Center

The idea for building this new unusual Building was to create a truly different ambience to run Art, Craft and Personal Development workshops.

In 1999 we startet building this "Fachwerk" Style, which is a Middle European way of building houses, or I should say used to be in the past.

In the Seventies I renovated and lived in a Fachwerk House built in 1667, and loved the exposed timbers and the feeling generated by this style.

The carpentry is unique, in that all the joins in the main frame are mortice and tenon, with a wood peg hammered through to hold the join. There is NO metal nails in the frame.

To be able to achieve this extraordinary way of design I had two German carpenters (Zimmerleute) help me first of all to create the Hexagonal design and construct it in a way that there is no Center post. The floorspace is 108sqm. and 72sqm of verandah.

From the floor at the bottom you can look directly to the ceiling (9mtrs. up) with the second story being a mezzanine, a walk around floor, which has a view to all things happening down below.

This design is very open and non restrictive, giving a feeling of space and vastness.


Black Sheep Farm " Learning and Workshop Center

6kms from Nimbin up in the Rainforest hills

"Black Sheep Farm" Felting Classes

449A Gungas Rd

Nimbin NSW 2480

Far North Coast NSW

Northern Rivers NSW

nearby Lismore NSW